Special-Edition† Mary Kay® 2-Step Hydrating Sheet Mask, pk/8

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Feel hydration with every use of this 2-step sheet mask. The gel essence is filled with skin-conditioning ingredients known to moisturize and soften skin. And since it’s packaged separately from the dry mask, you can create a fun hydration experience whenever you’re ready to be pampered. When mixed with the rich, hydrating essence, the cellulose fiber sheet mask delivers a gel-like experience offering superior skin adhesion, so the mask stays put – whether you’re staying busy while you hydrate or pampering yourself with complete relaxation.

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Special-Edition Mary Kay® 2-Step Hydrating Sheet Mask

Replenish your skin’s moisture with conditioning ingredients and an array of skin-loving botanicals. In laboratory testing, this 2-step sheet mask retained over 100% of its dry weight in moisture. Reap all the hydrating benefits, whether you’re preparing for the day, enjoying “me” time, on vacation or winding down for the evening. Try treating yourself to a much-deserved self-care session by hydrating your skin while listening to your favorite soothing sounds — refreshing yourself from the inside out.

  • Tested for skin irritancy and allergy.
  • Gentle for everyday use.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
†Available while supplies last

Application Tips

Step 1: Fold both sides of the mask to center along the dotted lines.

Step 2: Hold the folded mask, and firmly push the essence chamber upward to break the seal.

Step 3: Once the seal has been broken, massage the gel essence into the sheet mask until fully saturated.

Step 4: Apply mask to face. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Wear for 15‒20 minutes. Remove and gently pat skin until essence is absorbed.