Mary Kay® Berry & Vanilla Scented Body Lotion

Berry & Vanilla
6.7 fl. oz.


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Soak up the goodness your skin deserves with a fragrant body lotion in an irresistible scent. The easily spreadable formula wraps skin in a layer of love — and hydration — leaving a fruit-driven fragrance behind. Keep a tube of this instant pick-me-up in your bag or on your counter for a body care whenever you need it.

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Mary Kay® Berry & Vanilla Scented Body Lotion

Hydrate your skin by smoothing on an easily spreadable body lotion in a freshly picked fragrance. Berry and vanilla notes combine to create an exhilarating scented moment of moisturization. Reach for this anytime pick-me-up to give your skin a little “me” time.

Give the gift of everyday self-care by adding Mary Kay® Berry & Vanilla Shower Gel to make it a bath gift set. Share this daily treat with someone who could use some “me” time.

Formula Attributes
  • Dermatologist-tested.
  • Tested for skin irritancy and allergy.