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How I bring beauty to you

You are beautiful. Really. Say that out loud for me. Feel it. As an eating disorder survivor, I know firsthand the damage that unrealistic standards and comparing ourselves to other women can do. I've made it my life's mission to show you your own true, unique beauty and how to bring it out and live it, whatever that may look like for you. I know I've done my job well when you look in the mirror and go, "OMG, I look amazing!" That's what my Mary Kay is all about.

My Favorite Best-Selling Product

TimeWise® Miracle Set

Ours is a business where selling results from a truly personal one-on-one relationship – a friendship. Mary Kay Ash

My Specialties

  • Makeovers
  • Skin Care Solutions
  • Looks for your Lifestyle
  • Makeup Application
  • Color Consultations
  • Image Consulting

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