Highlighting And Contouring Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

Try the two steps below:

1. Create radiant-looking skin with the sweep of a powder brush and Mary Kay® Bronzing Powder. Its light-perfecting technology helps skin appear smoother and naturally even-looking.
2. Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color Duos include a beautiful shade of blush and a highlighting shade that blends easily with a cheek color brush. Use them to brighten your look for a radiant, luminous glow.
  • Oval Face
  • Round Face
  • Square Face
  • Heart Face

Oval Face

For an oval face, apply highlighter to the forehead, under the eyes and on the chin.

Round Face

For a round face, apply highlighter to the center of the forehead and chin. Use a darker powder on the jawlines to make the face look slimmer.

Square Face

A square face looks best with highlighter on the forehead and chin. Add a darker powder to both sides of the forehead and from jawlines to below the ears, to give the face a softer look.

Heart Face

Highlight the center of the forehead and chin, and apply a darker powder at the corners of the forehead and cheeks to make them look narrower. A dab of darker powder right at the tip of the chin will help it appear less pointed.

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