Undergraduate and graduate students have an opportunity to experience working at one of the world’s top beauty and direct-selling companies through the Mary Kay internship program. Mary Kay internships are hands-on and learning-intensive, with exposure to our culture, products and the Independent Sales Force. You’ll work with encouraging and inspiring leaders who have much to share and teach. And internships can be a path to a full-time position. 

Projects and daily responsibilities are part of the intern experience. So are making friends, building networks, and attending special events such as the Mary Kay annual Seminar. You’ll learn how beauty and skin care products are developed and manufactured while working with Mary Kay employees across a wide variety of fields and from across the world. Interns also meet with members of the executive team.

Our internship opportunities are available at locations throughout the Dallas area. Most departments within Mary Kay provide internship opportunities, and we are looking for students with a wide variety of degrees, backgrounds and interests.

There are so many beautiful things about a career with Mary Kay, starting with our mission of enriching the lives of women and their families around the world. And that’s a career you can love. (Current Mary Kay employees click here.)