A career at Mary Kay encompasses so many beautiful things, starting with our mission of enriching the lives of women and their families around the world. And that’s a career you can love. (Current Mary Kay employees click here.)
  • Craig - IT
  • Lexi – Manufacturing
  • Sherish - IT
  • Richard - Marketing
  • Mike – Manufacturing
  • Regena - Marketing
  • David – R & D
  • Siobhan - Manufacturing

Director, Innovation & Technology

Craig is one of Mary Kay’s IT experts. He understands technology’s power and promise, and how to get it to do what we need it to do. One thing he loves about technology is its ability to empower the Independent Sales Force and help them run their businesses more effectively.

“What's beautiful to me is when I experience that aha moment, when the Consultants get it. Where they understand that, ‘Wow, this technology's really gonna make a difference in my business.’”

That’s because Craig understands that Mary Kay isn’t about our technology or even our products. “Mary Kay is unique because they focus on people,” Craig insists. “They instilled the right thoughts and principles in my heart, to go out and just help others.” In Craig’s case, he’s got some amazing technology here so he can do exactly that.

Engineer, Operations/Packaging

Lexi first came to Mary Kay as an intern. “The internship program is the real deal here. It gave me real responsibilities and let me work with HR, R&D, community service. It was a great insight into Mary Kay.”

What she learned compelled her to spark her career here. We work together with a “Golden Rule” mindset, which, as Lexi puts it, means that “anything I do throughout my workday, I’m thinking about how others feel. And they’re thinking the same thing about me. We’re all important. We all have a voice.”

Now a full-time member of our engineering team, Lexi is helping identify new efficiencies. “I find beauty in the production line, and the improvements we’ve made. We have brand-new lab spaces and technology. This kind of change is really inspiring, and the opportunities are endless.”

Sr. Business Analyst, IT Digital Business Solutions

Information Services & Technology (IST) isn’t always thought of as a “beautiful” career path, but it has been for Sherish, now a Senior Business Analyst who’s been growing with Mary Kay for the past three years. “Mary Kay has allowed me to do something beautiful by helping people, by making customers’ and employees’ day-to-day lives easier, around the world.” 

In fact, Sherish’s career gives her the opportunity to work with all kinds of people on all kinds of projects. “It’s helped me grow as an individual and really enhanced my skill set.”

Empowerment is important at Mary Kay – and to Sherish. “My voice matters. I feel important in everything I do, and I know where I bring value. I’m helping women enrich their lives, pursue entrepreneurship and help their families.” What’s more beautiful than that?

Sr. Manager, Brand Development

Richard, Senior Manager of Brand Development, is very proud of the career he’s building here. “We actually create the products – and the marketing communications – that the Independent Sales Force brings to the customer. The ability to bring an idea into reality, an actual product … That, to me, is something really beautiful.”

Richard is involved in different parts of the product journey, building a deep understanding of what consumers want. “I go to trade shows in places like Japan, a hub of skin care innovation. To conferences in China, helping spread Mary Kay’s values. At the center of everything is the Independent Beauty Consultant, because what we create will impact her opportunities. The better the products, the better the marketing, the easier it is for her to sell to her consumer. We focus on continuous evolution as an industry innovator. That, to me, is really exciting.”

Director, Transportation & Logistics

Mike’s 24 years at Mary Kay have been an adventure. “I grew up in a small town in Iowa. I never dreamed I would be traveling to Moscow and Shanghai, to Hong Kong and Sao Paolo.” Mike is now our Director of Transportation & Logistics, ensuring our global supply chain runs effectively.

Mike has been here long enough to have met Mary Kay Ash at his new employee orientation, where he learned how crucial her mission of enriching women’s lives was to this company. “We do a fantastic job in the fight against domestic violence. Resume building to teaching interview skills and computer classes so these ladies can restart their lives. We get a lot of satisfaction from that. And for me, to have traveled internationally and seeing how important it is there, both the brand and our mission, it humbles you. It really puts things in perspective.”

Director, Marketing

For Regena, Mary Kay’s Director of U.S. Product Marketing, working for a company that doesn’t simply evolve with the times – but that drives innovation and evolution – is paramount.

“Mary Kay has been doing good and enriching the lives of women long before it became popular to do so,” she says. And it’s true. For more than 55 years, Mary Kay has been empowering women and lifting communities while simultaneously helping to shape the cosmetics industry, time and again.

“One of the most beautiful parts of working at Mary Kay is that we’re rooted in tradition, but we’re also looking ahead. We’re innovative, we’re on the cusp of doing amazing things into the future. We’re relevant, we’re modern, we’re cool.”

Scientist/Manager, Skin Care Research

Mary Kay knows that skin care is a science continually yielding new secrets. David has been doing bioresearch with us for 13 years, and his work is one of the reasons our worldwide reputation for scientific excellence is growing.

“I lead a lab of very talented scientists,” he says, “researchers with many, many years’ experience. And everything we learn about skin influences how we develop our products so they can deliver the benefits that we want our end consumers and Independent Beauty Consultants to have.”

David manages a credentialing program that collaborates with universities around the world, and he also travels with the scientific team to global conferences. “It extends the credibility of Mary Kay science. We're not the only one seeing that our science is great.”

Director, Continuous Improvement

From the time she was a little girl, raised by her single mother, Siobhan remembers the effect Mary Kay Ash’s legacy had on her. “Reading about this woman who was so focused on enriching women’s lives, giving them the flexibility they needed to raise their family and have the career they wanted, was something that resonated with me … rather than just another company that’s out to sell a product.”  

Now Mary Kay’s Director of Continuous Improvement, Siobhan’s role is to look at everything we do across the world and throughout every sector, and determine how it can be done better. From HR to engineering and IT, from the Independent Sales Force to philanthropic initiatives, she insists that “the beauty of Mary Kay is that you’ll find somewhere to fit in, regardless of what your background is. There’s a need for everybody’s skills, and your experience can be transferred anywhere.”

Careers at Mary Kay

Mary Kay offers corporate careers in Marketing, IT, Finance, R&D, HR, Manufacturing, Engineering and many other areas. In the links below, you can learn about our people, our values and what it's like to work here.

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