¡NUEVO! El Paquete práctico de herramientas eStart


Este producto no está disponible en línea actualmente. Contacta a tu Consultora de Belleza Independiente para verificar disponibilidad.

NEW! eStart Supplies Convenience Bundle boosts your business with materials to help you with in-person appointments. It’s also a great option for Independent Beauty Consultants who want to refresh their existing supplies. This bundle does not include Section 1 products or Section 2 samplers.

What’s inside:

  • Welcome Card
  • Datebook (Bilingual)
  • Skin Care Party Flip Chart Pages with Binder
  • Laminated Place Cards (4) and Laminated Satin Hands® Pampering Set Instructions for Use Card
  • Sales Tickets (30/pk)
  • Customer Profiles (30/pk)
  • Start Something Beautiful Magazine (1)
  • Miracles Happen Book (1)
  • Steps to Success Brochure (1)
  • Great Start Ready Set Sell Brochure (1)
  • Love What You Do Team Building Flier w/insert (1)
  • Dry Erase Markers (4)
  • Skin Care Laminated Place Mats (4)
  • Second Appointment Laminated Place Mat Set (4)
  • Party Tray Inserts (Bilingual)(10/pk)
  • Starter Kit Bag (1)
  • Face Cases (4) (Mirrors With Trays)
  • Disposable Trays (30/pk)
  • Disposable Facial Cloths (30/pk)
  • Disposable Mascara Sample Wands (30/pk)
  • Disposable Sponge-Tip Applicators (30/pk)
  • Foundation Finder Tool (1) (Bilingual)

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