Mary Kay® Perfecting Concealer

.21 oz.


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An essential step for achieving a natural-, even-looking complexion.

  • Now you can look like you’ve got nothing to hide.
  • Conceals blemishes, age spots and minor skin imperfections.
  • Long-lasting, lightweight formula allows you to conceal and camouflage with creamy, creaseproof coverage.
  • Light-diffusing technology helps blur the appearance of fine lines and optically correct minor imperfections.
  • Helps hide the appearance of redness.
  • Suitable for all skin types and skin tones.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin, including skin around the delicate eye area.

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  • Overview
  • Application Tips

Mary Kay® Perfecting Concealer

Look like you’ve got nothing to hide! This concealer improves the look of skin discoloration so you can achieve that flawless finish you long for. And Mary Kay® Perfecting Concealer helps hide the appearance of redness, so skin appears more even. But that’s not all! Because you want your concealer not only to look good, but also to be good, Mary Kay® Perfecting Concealer is infused with antioxidants to help protect against skin-damaging free radicals. The concealer is a multibenefit, multifunctional marvel! Plus, it’s buildable and blendable, and it has a quick-dry finish every girl on the go will love. With Mary Kay® Perfecting Concealer, you’ve got the perfect cover-up, so you can be at your beautiful best every day.

Application Tips

  • Choose a shade that matches your skin tone to hide the redness around the nose. Blend and finish with Mary Kay® Translucent Loose Powder.
  • Use the Mary Kay® Cream Color Brush to blend concealer into creases, such as the side of the nose. Use fingertips in delicate areas, such as around the eyes.
  • If you have darkness or redness around or near the mouth, a little concealer will help correct your skin tone.
  • Hide dark circles by drawing a triangle under your eye with the point toward your cheek.
  • A blemish can be concealed with a shade that matches your skin tone. Blend, then set with powder.

For hygienic reasons, it is recommended to dedicate one brush for use with cream eye color and one brush for use with concealer.