The Story That Started It All

Mary Kay Ash started the first chapter in 1963 that spun millions of stories of personal fulfillment for women around the world. In honor of our 60th anniversary celebration, we’re shining the spotlight on her story and on the women who have been enriched by the values, vision and excitement she created. Check out the story of our Founder Mary Kay Ash, and get inspired by her vision to empower women everywhere so that they could create the best version of themselves. Find out more about the life of Mary Kay Ash and the impact she’s had around the world. 

The World of Story-Sharing

Discover an inspirational collection of stories from women all around the world.

Stories in Their Own Words

We invite you to check out some of the content that gets shared in the social space by women who love talking about how their lives have been enriched by the Mary Kay opportunity.

Alexandra Kononovas, Uruguay
“Dare to be different today. What your mind can see, you can do!”
Build Your Own Business

Adriana Sharmaine, Malaysia 
“When women support each other, incredible things happen.”
Explore a Values-Based Business

Soraia Abreu, Brazil 
“Do you have a desire to change, and are you afraid? There is an improved version of you that needs to emerge.”
Make Your Own Changes

Share Your Story

Stories inspire us, guide us, create an emotional connection between us and build an understanding that unites us. 

To thank you for your support over the last 60 years, we want to share your story! How has Mary Kay empowered you? Given you confidence? Helped you reveal the best version of yourself? Tell your story! 

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Jill Cummings, Canada 
“Your makeup game can’t be a 10 if your skin care game is a 2. Be a 10!”

Menina Givens, U.S.A.
“Yes … YOU! YOU are enough! Repeat after me … I AM ENOUGH! Embrace it! Own it! Feels good, right?”

Melody Viste, Philippines
“You are priceless. Worthy of any value. Keep sharing your worth.”