If you’re looking for a simple makeup look, check out this step-by-step guide for how to create a natural makeup look. Then upgrade it with enhancements for eyes, cheeks and lips that can take you from natural to supernatural in a snap!

A smiling Asian woman with glowing skin and minimal makeup

Even your skin tone while letting the real you shine through by applying Mary Kay® CC Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15* with a damp (not wet) Mary Kay® Blending Sponge for lighter coverage or a Liquid Foundation Brush for a little extra coverage.

CC Cream is perfect for a barely there look because it delivers eight skin-loving benefits in one step and gives lightweight coverage for a “no-makeup” makeup look, but don't forget concealer! You can cover up hyperpigmentation, dark undereye circles and acne with Mary Kay® Perfecting Concealer using the Cream Color Brush.

When going for simple, natural makeup, you can use Mary Kay Chromafusion® Highlighter instead of blush to give yourself a sun-kissed glow. Just sweep the best highlighter for your skin tone onto the tops of your cheekbones and anywhere else you want a little glow. Try the bridge of your nose or Cupid’s bow using the longer bristles of the Cheek Brush.
Mary Kay Chromafusion® Highlighter for Light Skin: Glazed
Mary Kay Chromafusion® Highlighter for Medium Skin: Glazed or Honey Glow
Mary Kay Chromafusion® Highlighter for Dark Skin: Honey Glow 

If you do want to add a bit of a flush to your cheeks, apply one of the Mary Kay Chromafusion® Blush shades below to the apples of your cheeks with the middle bristles of the Cheek Brush.
Mary Kay Chromafusion® Blush for Light Skin: Rogue Rose
Mary Kay Chromafusion® Blush for Medium Skin: Shy Blush
Mary Kay Chromafusion® Blush for Dark Skin: Juicy Peach or Hot Coral


The key to creating a believable no-makeup look is always blending your makeup! After applying highlighter and/or blush, blend them with a clean Mary Kay® All-Over Powder Brush for a seamless, natural finish. The same applies to your eyes! Always blend your eye shadow with a brush like the Mary Kay® Eye Blending Brush.

A before and after of a redhead with bangs wearing a natural makeup look

Whether you like to keep things simple or you’re the queen of #InstaGlam looks, grooming your eyebrows is key since they are the frame of your face! If your brows are naturally full, just brush them in place with the Mary Kay® Eyebrow/Eyeliner Brush. You can even use a little of the Mary Kay Naturally® Moisturizing Stick to help tame them! If you need to fill in some sparser areas, use the Mary Kay® Precision Brow Liner in the best shade for your hair color using hairlike strokes for a natural look. You can also clean up around and define your brows with Mary Kay® Perfecting Concealer and the Cream Color Brush.


When it comes to grooming and filling in your eyebrows, remember that your brows aren’t meant to look identical. So don’t worry if they look a little different. They’re meant to be sisters, not twins!

Lip gloss is the perfect finishing touch for barely there makeup because it gives you the perfect amount of shine with just enough pigment to show your lips some love. Just glide on a Mary Kay Unlimited® Lip Gloss in a pink or brown lip color that flatters your skin tone, or use Chocolate Nude. A little bit of this brown-based nude looks amazing on everyone!

Mary Kay Unlimited® Lip Gloss for Light Skin: Nude Blush or Unique Mauve
Mary Kay Unlimited® Lip Gloss for Medium Skin: Unique Mauve or Tawny Nude
Mary Kay Unlimited® Lip Gloss for Dark Skin: Tawny Nude or Chocolate Nude


Looking for a little more color? Try one or more of these upgrades to give your natural makeup look a little oomph!


Double the glow by adding an extra dusting of Mary Kay Chromafusion® Highlighter in Glazed or Honey Glow to your cheekbones, and don’t forget to blend!

Smooth on a brick-red lipstick shade like Red Smolder or Poppy Please instead of a nude lip gloss. You can even layer these shades for a subtle ombre look. Both shades give lip-cushioning gel comfort, so your lips will love wearing them!



Add light-catching metallic shades to your eyes with three shimmering Mary Kay Chromafusion® Eye Shadows: Granite (eyelid), Rose Gold (crease) and Crystalline (brow bone and inner corner). Line the top lashline with MK Deep Brown Eyeliner. Finish with Lash Intensity® Mascara to multiply the look of your lashes, or use your favorite Mary Kay® mascara.

Natural Makeup Upgraded

Having a go-to natural makeup look can take the stress out of impromptu gatherings and errand running, and your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant can help you find all the products and shades you need to perfect a low-key, natural makeup look! Just contact or connect with yours today for free, one-on-one consultations and more makeup tutorials!