Your safety is Mary Kay’s top priority, but what makes Mary Kay® products safe for you while also being easy on the environment? In this interview, Dr. Cristi Gomez, Director of Product Safety & Environmental Toxicology, shares her insights about the Company’s safety standards and healthy habits you can cultivate to care for your skin. 

Scientific glass filled with pink liquid to represent Mary Kay research.

How does Mary Kay ensure that it sells safe skin care products? 

“When it comes to product safety, we always put you first. We never compromise when it comes to the quality and safety of our products. My team of scientists and toxicologists is involved throughout the development of our products, and if we can’t verify an ingredient’s safety, we won’t use it.” 


The Company runs hundreds of thousands of tests each year to ensure the highest standards in product quality, safety and performance. 
Close-up of model with understated look, representing Mary Kay skin care.

Does Mary Kay create products for sensitive skin? 

“Yes! Look for Mary Kay® products that say “suitable for sensitive skin.” The claim is substantiated by clinical tests with board-certified dermatologists to demonstrate that these products are suitable for sensitive skin.” 
Model wearing glasses representing Mary Kay eye area product testing.

Are Mary Kay® products safe for contact lens wearers or for people with sensitive eyes? 

“We ensure all eye area products are nonirritating to the eyes. For our core eye area products, we often work with ophthalmologists to assess suitability for contact lens wearers and consumers with sensitive eyes.  Look for the claim “ophthalmologist-tested.”


Mary Kay has planted 1 million trees around the world as part of the Company’s commitment to sustainability. 
Mary Kay Pink Doing Green logo

I really care about the environment. How green is Mary Kay? 

“Mary Kay has a worldwide recycling program, and the new Richard R. Rogers Manufacturing/R&D Center (R3) is a Zero-Waste-to-Landfill facility and received the LEED Silver certification. Plus, both R3 and the Mary Kay world headquarters are powered by 100% renewable energy.” 

Here are a few ways Mary Kay lives out its commitment to creating and maintaining sustainable business practices


Don’t use the same brush for lip and eye products. 
Eyes need protection from germs, even our own! Using separate brushes helps keep you healthy and gorgeous. 

Do wash your brushes regularly. 
Bacteria can grow in brushes if they’re not cleaned properly. Washing your brushes is important for proper hygiene. 

Don’t share brushes, sponges, mascara wands or applicators.