Get the Answers to Your Puffy Eye Questions

No matter how much water we drink, sleep we get and stress we try to limit, pesky puffiness and bags still show up under our eyes from time to time. So why, when we try with all our might, can’t we get rid of these undereye bags? Keep reading for the why behind puffy eyes and what to do about them.

Close-up of female model touching the undereye area with her finger while holding a tube of Mary Kay® Instant Puffiness Reducer

Well, for lots of reasons! Late (and often great) nights, pollution, UV rays, allergies and plain old aging. And then there’s what’s happening underneath. Are you ready for a deep dive beneath the surface of the skin? Let’s go!

Dr. Tiffany Carle, Mary Kay Principal Scientist, explains, “Fluid accumulates under the skin overnight, and that causes swelling. And then, skin lymphatic capillaries drain the area during the day. Day in, day out, this repeated swelling and draining stresses the delicate skin tissue.”

Then as time goes on, she adds that the blood vessels can weaken, which can lead to fluid buildup around the eyes. The impact of UV exposure, free radicals and other irritants can also weaken the blood vessels under the eyes, causing fluid to overaccumulate. Weakened blood vessels can also cause blood-derived pigments to accumulate under the eyes, which can lead to dark circles.

Dr. Carle continues, “Combine all of that with the normal loss of collagen, skin elasticity, firmness and the constant downward pull of gravity over time (also known as the aging process), this stretched skin under the eye appears too large and too slack, resulting in undereye bags.”

OK, that was a lot.
Hand holding a tube of Mary Kay® Instant Puffiness Reducer against a pink backdrop

A cosmetic concealer can certainly help, especially if you’re dealing with dark circles in addition to eyes that look puffy and have bags under them.

And old-school, at-home remedies like a neti pot, cucumber slices, chilled spoons, tea bags and coffee grounds are fine, too.
Hand holding a tube of Mary Kay® Instant Puffiness Reducer against a pink backdrop

For the short term, Mary Kay® Instant Puffiness Reducer gets rid of the look of undereye bags instantly, and the results last for up to six hours. It’s a true innovation that you’ll love for special occasions, to fight the look of tiredness or if you simply want a daily fix for puffy eyes with temporary results.

Since Mary Kay® Instant Puffiness Reducer works best for depuffing when applied to clean, dry skin, you will want to skip your eye cream after applying to ensure maximum results. You might try it in the morning, then alternate with eye cream at night or vice versa. 

For long-term benefits, you will still want to incorporate a good daily eye cream into your routine – it’s essential to keeping the eye area looking healthy! And unlike Mary Kay® Instant Puffiness Reducer, an eye cream should be applied all around the eyes, so underneath the eyes, on the eyelids and at the corners.

An eye cream should also deliver benefits like moisturization and improved firmness, and also target dark circles and fine lines and wrinkles. Depending on what you like, an eye cream should also feel creamy, soothing or refreshing when you apply it to your skin.

Look for anti-aging ingredients like vitamin C for brightening benefits and a collagen boost; hyaluronic acid to help moisturize the eye area, especially because the sun can dehydrate skin; or encapsulated resveratrol, an antioxidant which is shown to help promote a more even skin tone.

Lastly, if you want eye treats from time to time, eye gels are a great escape. Mary Kay® Hydrogel Eye Patches or Indulge® Soothing Eye Gel can give you your own little spa experience in the comfort of home. They’re both cool and refreshing. Who wouldn’t love that kind of escape?

With all the options available to you (your eyes, rather), you can give cucumber slices, a cold compress and tea bags the day off!

If you want to find out more about how to take care of your undereyes, explore other products to address eye puffiness, or if you’d simply like to talk to someone about all things beauty, get in touch with an Independent Beauty Consultant! As your personal skin care advisor, she can help you find eye products for temporary and long-term benefits and share the latest makeup looks with one-on-one consultations and small gatherings — virtually or in person!