Lift Away the Years.

As your skin matures, you’ll want to show it some love by protecting it and rescuing it from the damage of the past. The TimeWise Repair® Volu-Firm® Regimen is clinically shown to deliver these age-defying results:*

  • Reduced look of deep lines and wrinkles, and improved look of wrinkle severity
  • Lifted appearance is restored
  • Improved skin firmness and elasticity
  • Enhanced appearance of skin clarity
  • Improved overall appearance

The Power of the Volu-Firm® Complex 

The patented complex is a perfect union of three ingredients so vital to skin renewal that it is in every product.

A Biomimetic Peptide
Helps support skin’s natural processes** to help improve the appearance of sagging and wrinkles. 

A Skin Volume-Supporting Peptide
Helps maintain natural hyaluronic acid,** a vital component of skin that plays a role in helping maintain youthful-looking volume and lift.
Plant Stem Cells 
Derived from gotu kola to help support the natural framework of the skin.**

4 Steps. 5 Products. 1 Regimen.

Each product delivers powerful benefits. Together, they target the advanced signs of aging like never before.


TimeWise Repair® Volu-Firm® Foaming Cleanser

Lathers into a moisture-rich, cashmere-soft foam that gently sweeps away complexion-dulling impurities as it leaves skin feeling deeply cleansed, revitalized and hydrated.


TimeWise Repair® Volu-Firm® Advanced Lifting Serum
Helps you reclaim your triangle of youth — full cheeks, a defined jawline and a taut neck.

Restore & Reactivate

TimeWise Repair® Volu-Firm® Day Cream Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30ǂ

Restores the look of skin’s youthful cushion and even tone. Protects against skin-aging UVA/UVB damage. Increases skin moisture for 12 hours.


TimeWise Repair® Volu-Firm® Night Treatment With Retinol

Fights the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles. Plus, retinol is known to encourage surface cell turnover and renewal, and support natural collagen and elastin.*** Increases skin moisture for 12 hours.


TimeWise Repair® Volu-Firm® Eye Renewal Cream

Reawakens tired eyes and targets visible undereye bags, puffiness, dark circles and sagging skin.

Boost Your Skin Care Routine!